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Antique, very tactile, original and in excellent condition early 1900s rare Bakelite figure of Aphrodite standing at 65 cm tall. (Rare, due to the fact, that the majority of figures up until the 20th century were made of different materials & Bakelite had just been invented)

Aphrodite, Greek Goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, passion & procreation.

Major symbols include myrtles, roses, garlands, doves, sparrows & swans.

Bakelite invented by Leo Baekeland in Yonkers New York 1907.

Superb piece, elegance abounds, would look great in any position around your demeure.

Please contact for costs of shipping and deliveries or collection arrangements from our depot or next fair. 

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Early 1900s Rare Bakelite Figure of Aphrodite

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